Chilly diving at Gozo

We prepare for our first shore dive on with a waterside briefing.

We prepare for our first shore dive on Gozo with a waterside briefing.

I wish I could give you an in-depth review of diving Gozo. Unfortunately I cannot because we dove only one day, hardly enough time for a fair evaluation. The water was simply too damn cold during our late-April visit. Our original plan: dive two days while on this westernmost island of Malta, possibly three days if we really liked the dives. After one day we decided we’d had enough. It wasn’t that we didn’t enjoy Moby Dives, our excellent dive master Pixie and the two dives sites we visited. We liked them all. The problem was the water temperature, 59°F (15°C) the day we dove, which made it uncomfortable in our rented 5 mil wetsuits. The initial inkling that we might be in trouble was when we arrived at the first dive site. A quick look around revealed to us that other divers were donning dry suits. Smart. Had we done the same we would have been better equipped to enjoy the beautiful rocky terrain and crystal clear visibility of these waters. Mark, owner of Moby Dives in Xlendi, told us the weather on Gozo was unusually cool this spring, causing colder than normal water temperatures. After two dives we definitely concurred. Bottom line: We’re glad we did it. Next time we dive Gozo it will be during the warm summer months. The upside is that we got to spend the following day hiking beautiful Gozo and enjoying warm sunshine. Here’s a brief video from our two dives…



  • Dave Schmidt

    Thanks for the post, Ken. I enjoy following your adventures! What camera and what was the max depth you took it? Visibility was better than I would have anticipated.

    • admin

      My camera on this trip was a GoPro Hero4 Silver. I used a red filter for the underwater shots. Our maximum depth on these dives was about 20 meters or 65 feet. Visibility was about the best I have ever experienced.

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