Kayak Deaths in Door County

I’m saddened to report that my post last Thursday about drownings in the Great Lakes became eerily prescient just one day later. Two young men lost their lives last Friday while kayaking on Lake Michigan near Cave Point Park in Wisconsin’s Door County, where I often paddle. The following day a Green Bay TV reporter contacted the YMCA in search of someone who could talk about kayak safety, so the Y put her in touch with some of the ACA-certified instructors who teach kayaking at the Y. That’s how I ended up being interviewed for this news report:

Today I received a call from a reporter at the Door County Advocate newspaper. Like the TV station, she was also seeking information for a story about kayak safety. I’ll post a link to that story once it’s published. (Update: Here’s the link to the story in the Door County Advocate and Green Bay Press-Gazette.)

I’m willing to help with interviews like these to pass along kayak safety advice learned over the years from mentor instructors and through my first-hand experience. These types of tragedies will never be completely prevented but if we can reach one person before he or she makes a bad decision, it’s worth trying.

Additional update: At the request of Channel 5 in Green Bay, Daren Barrett and I demonstrated kayak safety rescue techniques. The reporter interviewed Daren for this story.


  • Ken, not only did you do a good job of providing appropriate information, but I’m shocked that the TV station did an excellent job of not editing out all the important points. We need this story to be done at every TV station around the Great Lakes every spring.

    • admin

      Thanks, Sherri. I learned from some of the best, including you. I agree that the reporter, Brittany Ford, did a nice job on the story and on editing my interview to retain some of the most important points I tried to make.

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