Best Surfing Waves of the Year. So Far.

Peter and I enjoyed great waves at Port Washington’s South Beach yesterday with some nice long surfs. I’ve never seen waves so nicely spaced at PW South Beach. Surf boarders came from all over to enjoy the day. At one point I counted 17 of them on the water in addition to two kayaks. At 4:15 in the video you’ll see my near-collision with a boarder. We managed to miss each other when he dived off his board but his tether got caught on the quick-release ball on my PFD. His board then pulled me upside down so I had to wet exit and swim. But… no harm done. We talked it over in the parking lot.

Peter tries out my LiquidLogic XP10.

Collision course

My Xensr motion tracking session 4-6-17. View the session here.

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