Double sealing Valley Kayak hatch covers

It’s a cold day in January so here’s a winter garage tip that may get you thinking about paddling again.

In the 1980’s Valley became the first company to develop a watertight hatch system especially for kayaks. The Valley system remains the benchmark. Their round cover for the day hatch are also used on many other manufacturers’ kayaks including Current Designs, Necky, Impex and Wilderness Systems.

If you own a Valley hatch cover, you know that getting it on and off is not always easy. But once you get that cover on, you have a very good water-tight seal. What many Valley owners don’t realize is that they can “double tuck” their hatch covers for an extra layer of protection.

The first seal is engaged by pushing the cover on snugly all around. The second seal is accomplished by pushing down on the exposed bead of rubber that protrudes on the deck after you do the first seal. This forces the lip of the cover into the recessed deck.

If you’re having an extremely hard time pressing the lip into the recess, try applying a bit of 303 ultraviolet protectant to the deck around the hatches.

Not only does the double tuck keep water out, it also helps ensure that hatch covers stay on when you’re transporting your kayak down the highway.

One comment

  • I was unaware that double tucking the hatch would actually add a little bit more protection. I love to kayak and sail, and so I am always looking for extra tips that could help me out! I am looking forward to applying this and trying it out! Thanks again for the tips!

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